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Discover Hava Whisky,  By Nissim Black. an “American Bourbon Style” Whisky, made entirely from ingredients all sourced from the Holy Land. 

Our barrels are new charred American oak that were filled in August of 2017.

Each barrel is heavily charred in-house at the Golani distillery in the upper Galilee.

You’ll notice sweet oaky caramel notes, which come from the “blackened” barrels. 

Hava Whisky brings together all facets of the Land of Israel, from the barley to the water and yeast, each ingredient is unique and sourced straight from God’s Land to your bottle. 

Because of Israel’s unique hot climate, during the 40-month aging process, we lost 22% to the angels (evaporation) resulting in a unique single barrel whisky like none other, smooth and amazing perfect for all occasions, 

This one-of-a-kind whisky can be enjoyed for all occasions, bringing people closer together. 


Nissim Black